Dancing Alone Signed Book
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Dancing Alone is a most enjoyable, valuable book
— Nancy Andrews, author of The Invisible Season

Artist and jazz musician Georgann Low is a deeply rooted Colorado native whose heart also abides in France. Her life continues to be a dance toward wholeness. 

It takes tremendous courage to fold up and put away an identity created for us by society and family. First, one must listen and respond to the inner stirrings of one's authentic self. They clamor so quietly, and it takes a listening heart to obey their urgings. Georgann Low listened with love and attention. Her journey began in Colorado- as daughter, wife and mother-then wound its way to the south of France, where she found her body through dance, her voice through singing and writing, and her heart through love. Questioning whether she might allow herself to love again, she asks the question, Could I have some­one in my life and still speak to my silent world? Whether or not she chooses love, she has found herself through dancing alone.

More than exploration, Dancing Alone is inspiration
— Jude de Lorca
An honest but gentle book portraying a woman’s journey of healing and embracing creativity… beautifully phrased sections spoke deeply to me.